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Part of Holiday Central Sedona’s events, Pilgrimage to Bethlehem was completely free to all who attended any one of the performances.  Costumed actors, dancers and singers mingled with the visitors, who enjoyed stepping back in time, while strolling through the outdoor Ancient Bethlehem Market. Guests were given “shekels” (the local coinage), from which they gained entrance to the ancient Biblical marketplace and “purchased” the many foods and wares therein. Upon entering the ancient time period of Jesus, attendees enjoyed the outdoor bazaar full of animated storytellers, exquisite craftsmen, colorful characters and fascinating shopkeepers. 

Visitors marveled at the lavishly colorful Wisemen and their Entourage, as well as experienced the appearance of the Angel to the Shepherds; they were enthralled at the Inn Keepers’ tales; averted the Roman Soldiers’ harassment; and wondered at the humble stable which will shelter Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.

At the conclusion of the Ancient Bethlehem Market, the audience was seated outdoors for an original Christmas Musical, which included that most holy of moments, delivered through a live nativity, celebrating the birth of the Messiah and Savior, Jesus Christ.  A perfect afternoon for the entire family!

Each year’s live animals included horses, a camel, llamas, goats, chickens, doves and ponies. This spectacular production was a multi-denominational community event.

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  Pilgrimage to Bethlehem

A previous production,

performed 2005-2014

(Replaced in 2015 by

The Christmas Gift Musical)

This FREE Sedona Community

Christmas Production

was performed outdoors at

Tequa Festival Marketplace

7000 SR 179, Sedona 86351

The Ancient Bethlehem Market was

followed by the Christmas Musical

Live animals included horses, camel, llamas, goats, chickens, doves, and more!

Enjoy a glimpse of a past production...

Mary and Joseph with Jesus

Journey to Jerusalem

Steppin’ at the Wayside

All Photos this page courtesy of Lynne Crowe
Angels appear to the Shepherds
Vendors in the Market


The Christmas Gift