Potter’s Hand Productions

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Sedona, Arizona

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Potter’s Hand Productions is a Christian, non-profit Community Theatre Company based in Sedona, Arizona.

We are committed to encouraging young people who are interested in further education in all areas of theatre arts.  

This scholarship is directed toward a graduating senior, or home schooled equivalent, who will be attending an accredited college, university or theatre,

music school, or art school. 

The student must display proficiency in ANY area of theatre arts: acting, singing, dance, choreography, script writing, audio/visual or lighting for stage, set design/construction, costume design/construction, stage makeup design, directing, etc.

Preference may be given to applicants who have participated in a Potter’s Hand Productions event.

Please download the PHP Theatre Arts Scholarship application (PDF) here:

PHP Scholarship App.pdf

To reach us, please click on the

Contact and Support page, or

email: PottersHand@esedona.net

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“Bringing God’s Word to life,

to encourage the faithful,

and reach the world, for Jesus Christ.”

Potter’s Hand Productions


The Christmas Gift
in December each year
Katrina Wallace PhotographyThe_Christmas_Gift.html
Steppin’ at the Wayside
Produced 2004-2008
Journey to Jerusalem
Produced  2006-20012
Summer Teen Theatre
Produced 2007-2008
- For Such A Time As This -
Performed 2013-2015
Photo by Blazing Trails MediaEsther%21.html
Pilgrimage to Bethlehem
Produced 2004-2014

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