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Journey to Jerusalem

A previous production,

performed 2006-2012


Tequa Marketplace, 7000 Highway 179

Village of Oak Creek, Sedona  86351


A FREE Community Event!

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email: PottersHand@esedona.net


Passionate, live music and drama portrayed the 2000 year old story of Christ’s real purpose on earth, the meaning of the cross, and His glorious Resurrection!

The dramatic and inspired Journey to Jerusalem was presented 2006-2012 on Palm Sunday weekend, in Sedona, Arizona.  This annual event came alive with 100 costumed characters, live animals, and spectacular pageantry.   The Production featured a script written by Jane Alden and Lynne Crowe, with new direction by Karen Kiefer in 2012.

During the Guided Journey through Jerusalem the audience met the characters and heard their views about their experiences with Jesus.  The Journey to Jerusalem Production began at 6:00 p.m.

In this production for the whole family, we saw a powerful drama unfold, as the first-hand witnesses relayed what they experienced. The last days of Christ on earth, and the reactions of those who were there, were brought to life. The audience was witness to an amazing re-telling of Who Jesus really is. 


We experienced the Messiah’s life, as seen through the lives of those who were there.  We witnessed the drama when the Chief Priests and soldiers took Jesus away to trial. We listened to the women’s surprise, when He greeted them at the tomb. Just as He appeared to many, when He walked the earth, the characters in Journey to Jerusalem brought Jesus to reality in the production.  The color and glory of worship flags and banners were a part of the final triumph of joy and celebration!


Steppin’ at the Wayside

Pilgrimage to Bethlehem

Enjoy this video from a previous 
- Journey to Jerusalem -
Photos by Katrina Wallace Photography
In Memory of Butch Coons

The Christmas Gift