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Current Productions:
The Perfect Tree
Christmas just wouldn’t
be Christmas without...

The Perfect Tree
Presented in December each year

This musical production follows children who are looking for just the right Christmas tree. However, along the way, they discover much more about the tree that they are looking for. 

The original script includes modern day scenes, Christmas Carolers, plus a traditional Nativity scene. The message of “The Perfect Tree” is of finding what we are all looking for, and discovering it was there all along. This family-friendly production incorporates many well-known Christmas carols, plus a selection of original music and songs.

We encourage you to invite an unchurched friend or family member to come with you 
to our events!

Reserved Row Seats 
are available for 
a cash donation of 
$5.00 per seat,
at the door, 
beginning one hour 
prior to each performance.

Free Seating as available.

Please leave all pets at home, except service animals.

This family-friendly 
production is a 
community event.

Drawings for valuable gifts
prior to each performance!

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To reach us, please click on the 
Contact and Support page, or
email: FriendsofPottersHand@esedona.net

Links to other pages:

Journey to Jerusalem

Steppin’ at the Wayside

         Pilgrimage to Bethlehem

Pilgrimage to Bethlehem

Produced 2004-2014

Over the years, and in three different locations, Pilgrimage to Bethlehem began with the interactive Ancient Bethlehem Market, and delighted audiences with several unique Christmas musicals. The production re-created the events leading up to and including the birth of Jesus Christ, with live animals, and a living Nativity.

Journey to Jerusalem

Produced 2006-2012

From 2006-2012, Journey to Jerusalem began with the Guided Journey through Jerusalem, and concluded with the dramatic and inspired production.  Journey to Jerusalem, with a cast of actors, singers, and live animals was staged, portraying the truth of Jesus Christ.

Steppin’ at the Wayside

Produced 2004-2008

From 2004-2008, the historical musical, Steppin’ at the Wayside came alive on the stage of historic Wayside Chapel.  It told the story of the area’s early settlers and founders of the town of Sedona.

The Christmas Gift
An original Christmas musical, presented 2014-2016
Photo by Katrina Wallace PhotographyThe_Christmas_Gift.html
~For Such A Time As This~
Produced 2013-2015
An original musical from the book of Esther, with additional scripture from many Old Testament books.

A celebration of God’s grace 
and faithfulness to all His people!

Photos by Blazing Trails MediaEsther%21.html

Below is a listing of our current and archived events.

For dates and times, or further information, click on

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Archived Productions:

Letters from luke
“The Perfect Tree” 
December 14, 15 & 16, 2018

Click on the link above for details. 


The Christmas Gift

An original costumed drama.This eye-witness account of Jesus’ life and ministry came directly from the characters and pages of the Bible. Letters From Luke included moving, original music and a live testimony of God’s promise of a Messiah.Letters_From_Luke.html